Not All Are Equal – How to Choose Microwave Oven Glass Cookware

If you are familiar with your microwave, you have probably noticed the absence of plastic in any area that comes into contact with the microwave rays. While the body of the microwave is made primarily of metal and some models may be coated with plastic, where the buttons or the display is, none of them are missing the microwave oven glass. The door of the microwave oven is most likely made of sturdy see through glass, which allows you to view what is happening inside the oven and also keeps you safe from the radiation. There is also a sturdy revolving turntable on which you place food to be cooked or heated and this too is made of heat-resistant glass, which is probably not unbreakable, so don’t drop it while cleaning kenmore stove and oven repair los angeles.

Traditionally, the best cookware to use when cooking in a microwave oven is glass. The glass cookware designed for this purpose is thick, sturdy and heat – resistant, anything you can use in an oven can most certainly be used in a microwave. What you want to be careful of however is cookware that has metal plating around it, often metal, silver or gold inlay which can cause your microwave to spark while heating food and is unsafe for cooking. Make sure your glassware is microwave safe as it can either break or crack in the microwave if subjected to higher levels of heat. Most ceramic containers, particularly those that are oven or kiln fired, can be used in the microwave. Do make sure that the paint used is not metallic in any way. Glass is the number one choice for cooking in a microwave oven.

There are many companies who manufacture glassware designed especially for use with your microwave, many of them do double duty as serving dishes, or can be used to store food in the refrigerator.

Metal and paper should not be used in a microwave at all, unless it is specifically mentioned that is can be used safely in a microwave oven.

Despite that it is advisable that you check to make sure what temperature can it be used at or under which conditions.

When it comes to plastic, most plastic items cannot be used safely in the microwave as they are likely to melt. However certain manufactures do market products that are safe for use in your oven. Again make sure that they are indeed microwave safe before using them.

The reasons for using microwave safe glass when cooking in a microwave oven are many, besides being the safest method of cooking, glass also does not react with the food and alter it in any way. In addition the microwave rays can pass easily through glassware which allows for food to be cooked or heated properly.


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